SensXtend by LeakSmart is an innovative array of accessories that provides customization and flexibility to any LeakSmart Shut-off Valve System.
This starter kit includes a water sensor, sensor dock and rope sensor that work together to detect leaks in tight, hard-to-reach areas. The included extension cable and mounting hardware options provide even more reach & a variety of placement options. Purchase more extension cables & rope sensors to connect to the dock and extend up to 100' per line (300' total).


  • Key Features

    • True 24/7™ protection: LeakSmart’s proprietary wireless network and battery back-up work even when power and Wi-Fi are out
    • Patented Tri-Port design with three detection ports triples coverage area
    • Instant leak detection along length of rope’s 4' surface and 5-second shut-off
    • Provides leak detection in tight, hard-to-reach spaces
    • Allows for creative placement options, plus easier battery changes
    • Eliminates need to move appliances during sensor installation
    • Rope sensor dries instantly: wipe with a cloth and use again immediately for maximum coverage and less downtime than competitive products
    • Extension Cable, included with Rope Sensor, extends rope’s reach and enables coverage where you need it most*
      *Extension cable is optional and does not sense water


  • What's Included

    • One (1) LeakSmart Water Sensor 
    • One (1) Sensor Dock 
    • One (1) Rope Sensor 
    • One (1) Extension Cable* 
      *Extension cable (4ft) does not sense water
    • Screws, adhesive strip or magnet
    • Three (3) AAA batteries


  • Product Specs

    • SensXtend Kit - Item #: 8850605
    • Requires previous installation of LeakSmart Hub 


SensXtend by LeakSmart Water Sensor Extension Kit

SKU: 8850605