Outdoor Enclosure Box

Outdoor Enclosure Box

SKU: 8855000

The LeakSmart enclosure is designed for warmer regions where codes allows for plumbing supply lines and main shut offs to be located outside. The LeakSmart valve must be protected from exposure to the elements to assure proper function. This enclosure is not designed for cold weather regions that may pose a freeze hazard to the plumbing supply.

    • Product Details


      •  LeakSmart Outdoor valve enclosure is a cover for your LeakSmart Valve when installed in an outdoor location
      •  Properly vented to handle temperature fluctuations and extreme heat
      •  100% waterproof
      •  Completely tamper-proof
      •  UV stabilized
      •  Can be installed horizontally or vertically
      •  Fits ¾ , 1, 1 ¼, 1 ½, and 2 inch installations
      •  Includes 5-year manufacturer's warranty.
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