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Leak and Flood Protection Solved

LeakSmart is advanced leak protection done right.

Sophisticated technology. Yet. simple to install and maintain.


Complete Home Protection

When it comes to protection, LeakSmart has everything AND the kitchen sink. Whether it’s a major leak from a high-risk appliance or burst pipe or something more sneaky like a running toilet, LeakSmart has you covered. From tiny homes to estate homes and everything in between, LeakSmart has a solution for you.


Automatic 5 Second Shut-Off

Knowing you have a leak in your home is good, knowing where the leak came from is great, but shutting off your home’s water automatically is even better. In less than 5 seconds, LeakSmart shuts off your water before a leak becomes a flood. Have peace of mind knowing we’ll shut off your water and alert you that everything in your home is protected.


Always Protected

When your power and Internet fail you, LeakSmart protects you. That’s because we know better than to rely upon Wi-Fi to protect your home. We use our own proprietary wireless network to communicate between devices. That technology paired with our battery back-up means we’ve got you covered.

Want to see what $300,000 worth of damage caused by 150,000+ gallons of water looks like?

In this 4 minute video, a homeowner shows water damage caused by a leak and recounts the event’s details. In just four minutes, a leak that the homeowner could have prevented with LeakProtect caused $300,000 worth of damage due to 150,000+ gallons of leaking water. 

What happens when a preventable flood like this happens? Well, this homeowner had to spend two months drying out the home. Then, he had to spend seven months living somewhere else. FINALLY, 13 months later, he was able to live back in his home.

The lingering effects? Insurance canceled his home policy at renewal. So, the homeowner had to hire a public adjuster at 10% of his $300,000 insurance claim. Even with insurance, the homeowner had to pay $31,000 out of pocket! 


LeakProtect shuts off the water at the source within SECONDS of a leak occurring. Needless to say, the homeowner NEVER wants to go through that nightmare again. He had to deal with mitigation and restoration companies, adjusters, contractors, ordering replacement items for his home, and being displaced from his house for 13 MONTHS! Watch the video below to see the full extent of the damage. 

Snap by LeakSmart

Snap by LeakSmart is an easy-to-install, DIY, smart home leak detection system that shuts off your water in less than 5 seconds when a leak is detected.


Inline Protect by LeakSmart

The Inline PROTECT allows users to add in the daily water usage you'd like from 1 to 28,000 gallons per day. After your desired daily limit has been set, you'll receive text alerts when you reach 75, 90, and 100% of your water usage allowance. 

Most Comprehensive Smart Home Leak Detection Products

From individual appliance protection to whole-house systems, we have leak and flood protection products to solve every need. Make your home a LeakSmart home and keep water where it belongs.


Advanced Water Flow Analytics

Make your home water efficient and customize your daily water usage limits, so you can stay in control of your home's water flow. Always be in the know on your daily, weekly and monthly usage statistics, and be alerted when you’re approaching your set limit so you can directly shut off your water if there is unusual water usage.

Professional-Grade Construction

LeakSmart’s solid brass valves are designed with professionals in mind. Long-lasting durability keeps your home safe from devastating water damage.


Unmatched 5-Year Warranty

We stand behind our products with the longest warranty in the business and extend our protection with a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy.

Whether you're out on a date night or taking a week-long vacation, LeakProtect has you covered.