Leak Defense System (LDS) Products

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Leak Defense | System Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel & App for Remote System Management

  • Point Of Leak Detectors (POLD)s Detect ALL Types of Leaks—from Pinhole & Slab to Behind Wall & In Ceiling Leaks

  • Automatically Shuts Off Water if Leak is Detected

  • Compatible with Security Systems for Additional Notification

  • Provides One-Touch Turn-Off of Incoming Water Supply

  • Helps Reduce Water Consumption for Added Savings

  • Flexible & Expandable—Accommodating a Wide Range of Commercial & Residential Needs & Applications


LDS Control Valve | The Heart

The LDS Automatic Water Shut-Off Control Valve is installed on the

structure’s incoming waterline, monitoring water flow 24/7. There’s

an LDS Valve to fit every application and pipe size from 0.75" to 3", 

quite simply the best water leak detection control valve available.

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LDS Control Panel | The Brain

Water usage varies in every application. This user-friendly Wireless

Control Panel lets you set your leak detection system to fit the water

usage needs of your business, building, or family’s lifestyle. It can

also be connected to third party monitoring, ensuring that an alert

gets prompt attention, even when you’re away.

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LDS Mobile App | The Nerve Center

Going on a business trip or vacation? LDS makes sure all your

plumbing is water tight. Simply download the app and register your

mobile device at catchaleak.com for remote access to, and

control of, your LDS. Do need multiple systems? Monitor and control

each of them individually, an especially valuable feature for

commercial property managers and owners of multiple residences.

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LDS Point of Leak Detector (POLD) |
The Eyes & Ears

Compact (2.25” x 4”) LDS POLDs detect leaks as or before they happen. Appliances or fixtures have the potential to develop blockages or spring

leaks—causing serious flooding if left unchecked. POLDs are designed

specifically to alert you in case of water leaks. Just set it and forget it—

NO plumbing required. POLDs communicate wirelessly, battery powered

or plugged in. Appliances most likely to leak include water heaters,

refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and toilets. Place POLDs

near these and in laundry rooms, under sinks, anywhere and everywhere

that water leaks may occur.

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