Water Damage Prevention System

When you're away from your home it only takes a small drip from your faucet, a broken hose, or a cracked pipe to cause major water damage to your home.


Complete home water protection-bowling

$250,000 Claim, 7 Months Out of Home

Protect what you cannot replace

Clinton, CT homeowner comes home from vacation to see his house destroyed by a water leak from the toilet. 

  • Every minute 5 homes in North America experience a flood from a burst pipe.

  • Average water damage claim costs over $15,000

  • 40% of all homes have experienced water damage.

  • 93% of all home water damage could be prevented!

  • Water Damage is the second most filed insurance claim in the USA.

  • 50% of homeowners' claims are from water only. 



Tri-port design links three rope extensions to one sensor, tripling coverage in your kitchen, basement, bathroom—anywhere you need leak detection. Three roped in three directions covers more surface area, for the most flexible versatile system.


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